A Girl's Guide to Poker

Whenever a new poker book hits the market, I’m almost always excited to read it. However, truth be told, A Girl’s Guide to Poker by Amanda Botfeld was not one of them. The reason is simple – I’m not a girl.

I tried to see if my longtime PokerNews colleague Sarah Herring might be interested in reading and reviewing, but at the time she was on maternity leave. I informed Botfeld that a review may not happen, but I’ve got to give her credit, she was persistent and convinced me that while it’s marketed to women, a man could also get something out of it.

I decided to set aside my reservations and give it a read, and you know what, she was right. Much to my surprise, I found the book to be informative, entertaining, and worthwhile.

Book Review

Botfeld, dubbed “The Bridget Jones of Poker” by D&B Publishing, put together an easy-to-read book chock full of images. As far as the poker content, it’s definitely elementary and geared towards either new or recreational players.

With a coffee-table feel, A Girl’s Guide to Poker is easy to digest. It introduces the basics of the game and slowly adds layers to help take a newbie to at least someone confident enough to take a seat at the table.

For me, I thought it’d be the perfect gift for my sister or niece if they