Las Vegas Sign Graphic With Vintage Caesars Palace Background

In the first installment of this two-part series, it was my pleasure to guide readers through the long and winding history of Las Vegas and its signature casino gambling industry. To catch up on the exploits of consummate gamblers like John C. Fremont and Bugsy Siegel, head here to check out Part I.

As for Part II, this page is devoted to three more crucial dates – spanning the 1960s through the dawn of the 21st century and into the present day – that defined the rise of Sin City.

August 5, 1966 – Caesars Palace Reigns Supreme

Following the Flamingo’s arrival in 1946, the then empty drag known as Las Vegas Boulevard began to fill out into The Strip as it’s known today.

Sahara sprung up from the sands in 1952, Tropicana rose over the horizon five years later, and Tally-Ho (now called Planet Hollywood) hit The Strip in 1963.

But these four casinos combined couldn’t match the awe-inspiring splendors awaiting guests when Caesars Palace opened its doors on this day.

After an avid gambler and motelier by the name of Jay Sarno obtained a loan for $10 million – over $90 million today when inflation is factored in – he set to work designing the world’s premier casino resort destination. Sarno envisioned a setting fit for royalty, a stage suitable for divinity, a true palace where every gambler in the house felt like