How to Play Ace-Queen Offsuit in Common Preflop Situations

Some hate it, some love it. Ace-queen offsuit (AQo) is one of the most polarizing hands in poker.

It is no wonder why. AQo is one of the best starting hands in the deck, but it can also be relatively difficult to play compared to other strong starting hands.

This article covers:

  • How to Play Ace-Queen in Common Preflop Situations
  • 3 Tips for Playing Ace-Queen When You Miss the Flop

Now, let’s begin.

Unopened Pots

Even poker beginners can identify AQo as a strong hand. After all, it includes two of the three highest-ranking cards in the deck.

For this reason, you should always raise with this hand preflop from every position when the action folds to you. Avoid limping with AQo as it will lead to smaller pots being won by you on average over time. Folding is out of the question.

Against a Raise

When faced with a raise, you should 3-bet with this hand almost every time. The one exception is when you are in the big blind facing a raise from a player seated in the cutoff position or earlier (3-betting big blind vs button is usually good).

Upswing Poker
The table positions for your reference

Ace-Queen offsuit plays great as a thin 3-bet for value since it cuts down the field. 3-betting massively reduces the chances of playing a multiway pot, and